Important! AGRA fair 2020 postponed to 2021

AGRA, the largest celebration of Slovenian agriculture and food production and the most visited fair event in Slovenia, will not be held in August this year, according to its 58-year tradition.


At Pomurski sejem, we analyzed all possible scenarios and alternatives for the implementation of this year's Agra. Regarding the opportunities and risk of organizing such a mass event, we came to the conclusion that the AGRA 2020 fair could not be successfully implemented.

After the successful AGRA 2019 fair, which featured over 1,850 exhibitors from 32 countries on an area of over 71,800 m2 exhibition space and visited by more than 118,000 visitors in the six days of the fair, the outlook and interest in Agra 2020 were more than encouraging. All professional exhibitions and accompanying events had already been arranged, which additionally inspired us and confirmed the success of our endeavours.

We wanted to offer the economy, professionals, the general public, exhibitors and visitors a fair that would reflect the integrity of agriculture and food. Unfortunately, this cannot be fully guaranteed in the current situation due to the Sars CoV-2 virus ... We do not wish to endanger the health of the participants and we cannot guarantee that your preparations for the fair would not be in vain. Pomurski sejem is not a company that easily succumbs to fear. We do not lack the business courage to develop a noble tradition and open new fair and professional chapters. But this does not mean that we are not careful ... We care about our exhibitors, visitors and staff who ensure the success of fair meetings in Gornja Radgona. We wish them safety, good health, business and professional success.

Nevertheless, the AGRA fair is still very much alive this year!

This is evidenced by the excellent participation and results of the international quality assessments of meat, dairy products, soft drinks and packaging. They are followed by assessments of wines, honey drinks and honey.

At Pomurski sejem, we are intensively preparing new contents so that the AGRA 2021 fair will once again be the most successful event of the agricultural and food processing industry in Slovenia and in this part of Europe.

The quality of the AGRA fair connects us. We are already looking forward to the moment when we will be able to reaffirm this connection with a genuine handshake at AGRA 2021!


Source: Pomurski sejem d.o.o.


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